Asociatia pentru Drepturile Producatorilor de Fonograme din Romania

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ADPFR is a collective management organisation aiming to collect and assign the remunerations due to related rightholders, romanian and foreign phonogram producers, whose phonograms are used in Romania. Other attributions are :

– it develops methodologies for this field, containing patrimonial rights that should be negociated with the users for these rights′ payment, for those phonograms whose means of development makes individual licence impossible for the phonogram producers;

– once these methodologies are established, it certifies the users, at their request, stated before the protected repertoire is used, through a non–exclusive licence, in exchange of a remuneration;

– it signes, on behalf of the rightholders – phonogram producers that delegated the association or based on the conventions concluded with similar foreign bodies – general contracts with show organisers, radio broadcasting or television bodies or with cable program services providers, aiming to authorise the use of the protected repertoire;

– it defends its members′ interests concerning the management of their rights, following the use of their repertoire outside Romania, through representation contracts with similar foreign associations;

– it collects the amount et it distributes them between the rightholders, according to the status ;

– it requests the users or their intermediaries to submit information and essential documents as well as information on the used musical work, naming the rightholders, in order to settle the amount of remuneration that is distributed to its members;

– it establishes formal agreements with other fund management bodies concerning the amount of remuneration due to phonogram producers, the sole collector and the terms of expenditures required to defray the collecting costs of the sole collecting body;

– it supervises phonograms broadcasting into the market, the distribution of remunerations to producers and informs the competent bodies about the infringement cases;

– it provides specialized assisstance to rightholders, representing them in legal proceedings against all public institutions (including ORDA, Police, District Attorney′s Office, Courts);

– it ensures transparency of the fund managament in relation to inspection bodies;

– it organizes public informing campaigns concering phonogram producers′ rights;



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