Asociatia pentru Drepturile Producatorilor de Fonograme din Romania

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ADPFR  is a collective management organisation that has as main purpose to collect and distribute the remunerations due to holders of related rights, phonogram producers, romanians or foreigners, whose phonograms are used in Romania.

ADPFR promotes the rights of phonogram producers and is engaged in all activities in order to guarantee the respect of all phonogram producers’ rights and to fight againt piracy, represent it’s members before public authorites.

Founded in 2006, aiming to promote and guarantee phonogram producers’ patrimonial rights, The Association for Phonogram Producers’ Rights in Romania (A.D.P.F.R.) supports its members´ interests in order to ensure a competitive music industry, based on equal rights for all phonogram producers, and it militates for the improvement of the specific copyright legislation and for the unification of the best practices in musical field.

ADPFR was created through the civil sentence nº 60/2006 pronounced by the Sector 3’s Court, and it is registered in the Associations and Foundations Register with nº 1979/A/2006, tax registration code nº18667695;

ADPFR was authorized  to operate as a collective management organization for its members’ related rights (phonogram producers),  based on the O.R.D.A (Romanian Copyright Office ) – CEO decision nr.206/2006, published in Romania’s Official Journal nº 589/ 2006.

Originally with 7 founder members, ADPFR includes today 25 members phonogram producers (22 societies and 3 freelancers)  with their head-office and activity in Romania.

Thus, ADPFR runs its activities based on the following values:

- equal opportunities for all phonogram producers and removal of any discrimination;

- guarantee, development and fair use of phonogram producers’ copyrights and related rights;

- promotion of a competitive system în the field of phonographic industry and antipiracy activties, initiation and maintain of a partnership with public institutions and other Romanian and foreign NGOs.


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